The Dunross PTA was re-established in 1995. The management committee comprises the principal, 9 officers, as well as 4 standing committee chairpersons elected at the Annual General Meeting.

The DPTA aims to:

  • Promote interest in the aims, methods and contents of modern education to better assist in the total development of the child (academically, creatively, emotionally, morally, physically, socially and spiritually)
  • Be informed and involved in school activities
  • Promote closer co-operation among parents or guardians, teachers and pupils
  • Foster discipline in the home, school and community
  • Assist in the development of the child as a responsible citizen
  • Provide the school with financial assistance as appropriate.

Any parent who is a member of the Dunross Co-Operative Society can be nominated for election.

DPTA @ October 2021

  • Lisa Nunez


  • Janelle Blackman


  • Rachael Choo Quan


  • Nicha Cockburn-Mendez

    Asst. Secretary

  • Chantal Pereira


  • Lindsay Smith

    Ordinary Member

  • Rishi Serrattan

    Ordinary Member

  • Lindsay Medford-Fazio

    Board Liaison