Admissions Policy

Parents are encouraged to submit their Application Forms as soon as possible after birth, as our waiting list is determined by age at registration.  Children must be registered at least two years prior to seeking entry.

Children, grandchildren and relatives of shareholders and staff members are given priority over other applicants, subject to availability.

There is no entry testing for Kindergarten and Infant 1 classes, but all children are tested prior to entry at higher levels.

Once a space is offered, parents become Members of the Dunross Cooperative Society Limited after receiving Board approval.

If a class level is at capacity, applications will remain on file until a place is available.

How to Apply

1)      Print and complete the Application Form and drop it into the Dunross office


2)      Print, complete and scan the completed form and email it to


3)      Complete the form electronically and submit.

Your payment must be either dropped in with your completed form (cheques must be made payable to DUNROSS) or a deposit must be made in the name of Dunross Co-operative Society Limited #440800493701 at Republic Bank, Diego Martin (a screenshot of the transaction with clear reference to the child’s application form must be emailed to

Only upon submission of BOTH the application form and proof of payment will a child be considered registered.

  • Registration Fee – $500 


On acceptance of their first child to attend Dunross, each family must pay a non-refundable, one time per student Capital Fund contribution of $5,000.  They are also required to join the Dunross Co-operative Society Limited, with the purchase of 36 shares:

  • Capital Fund contribution – $5,000
  • Value of Shares – $900
  • Entrance Fee – $10

Please email for any further assistance.

Tuition (per term)

  • School Fees – $6,000 per child

There is a $300.00 discount for third and subsequent children within a family

  • Security – $100 per child
  • Annual DPTA contribution – $700 per family

Fees are to be paid at any branch of Republic Bank Ltd. (Account  #440800493701) in the name of Dunross Co-Operative Society Ltd.

One copy of the receipt slip must be sent to the Office with your child’s/children’s name/s clearly printed.

This payment can also be made via online transfer. Please ensure that the student’s/s’ name/s are included in the payment description.